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Preschool Program


All children who attend the Early Education Centre benefit from the high quality, play-based, pre-school learning environment.  Focus within the program has been placed on providing specialized services to children with severe special needs, aged 2-1/2 to 5 years; however, typically developing children attend our centre, often acting as role models to provide positive peer support. Family focus is important to us; therefore parents are considered a valuable part of our team.  Our school team includes certificated teachers, educational assistants, specialized consultants, and family wellness workers.  Together we have made a great partnership in learning and achieving the best for all children and their families.  The Wetaskiwin Early Education & Family Wellness Centre was formed through partnership with Central Alberta Child & Family Services, Alberta Education & Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools. Centrally located in the City of Wetaskiwin, we can provide services to all children who are eligible for PUF that reside within the City or County of Wetaskiwin.  Following the WRPS school calendar, the Centre offers daily classes in either the morning or afternoon. Additional outreach programming may be available for children unable to attend the Centre. Additional information on programming options and eligibility can be obtained by contacting our principal.


Mrs. Wanda Fonteyne



Administrative Assistant: (Friday Mornings) 
Valerie Anderson 


"Believing in Potential & Building Foundations for Success!"

Programs and Services

Pre-school Program:
Focus has been placed on providing quality early education and intervention for children who have significant delays however, all children who attend the Early Education Program benefit from our inclusive, play based learning environment.

Our program supports the development of typical pre-school level skills with thoughtfulness to what is important to the child and family.  While some children may just be developing certain skills others may be using this time to fine tune their abilities in preparation for kindergarten.

Outreach Program:
The Early Education & Family Wellness Centre provides modified home &/or community based programs to families and children who require or request an alternative approach to the Centre-based Program.  Alternatives should be discussed with the Program Coordinator upon registration.

Additionally, children who are ECS age eligible (5+ years) and require additional supports are encouraged to attend their local kindergarten; support services from our team will be provided to the child in their kindergarten classroom.

Family Oriented Program: 
A strong home-school partnership is important to a child's progress.  Family Oriented Programming is meant to provide opportunity to share information, resources, and strategies between home and school to assist in building a stronger learning foundation for the child with special needs.   Visits can also be used as an opportunity for families to receive assistance in assessing service needs and become linked to appropriate community resources.

Principal & School Team Members

Principal and School Team Members:

Our Principal and Family Wellness Worker are the initial contact people for enrollment into our program and will work with you to ensure that your child's needs are met. Working from criteria set by Alberta Education, we will make sure that our program meets or exceeds the educational components for PUF (Program Unit Funding). 

We will meet initially and on an ongoing basis with families to identify needs and concerns, 
identify which program model would best suit child and family needs and 
provide professional consultation on special education components to staff and families. 
We will provide overall site coordination for programs, services, specialty consultation and will assist with transitions during program years and from program to program.

Wanda Fonteyne - Principal
Phone: 780-352-0224 ext: 222

Katie Reimer-Dewald 
Phone:  780-352-0224 ext:  223

Valerie Anderson - Administration Assistant (Fridays mornings) 
Phone: 780-352-0224 ext: 221