Our School

All children who attend Lynn Lauren Early Education School benefit from the high quality, play-based, pre-school learning environment.  Focus within the program has been placed on providing specialized services to children with severe special needs, aged 2-1/2 to 5 years; however, typically developing children attend our school, often acting as role models to provide positive peer support.

Family focus is important to us; therefore parents are considered a valuable part of our team.  Our school team includes certificated teachers, educational assistants, specialized consultants, and a family wellness worker.  Together we have made a great partnership in learning and achieving the best for all children and their families. 

The Wetaskiwin Early Education & Family Wellness Centre was formed through partnership with Central Alberta Child & Family Services, Alberta Education & Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools. Centrally located in the City of Wetaskiwin, we can provide services to all children who are eligible for PUF that reside within the City or County of Wetaskiwin.  Following the WRPS school calendar, the Centre offers daily classes in either the morning or afternoon. Additional outreach programming may be available for children unable to attend the school.

Additional information on programming options and eligibility can be obtained by contacting our principal.

Arrival  & Dismissal Times

The morning class begins at 9:00 am and ends at 11:30 am. The afternoon class begins at 12:30 pm and ends at 3:00 pm. The doors will be unlocked at 8:50 am and 12:20 pm. It is difficult for young children to wait, so please do not arrive too early.

At dismissal time, staff will bring the children up to the front door. If you arrive early we ask that you wait in room 6 (the Family Room) to prevent congestion in the front hall and doorway. The front entry bench area needs to be available for those children waiting for the bus or a parent who has not yet arrived. Our population has increased substantially this year, and for everyone’s safety, we appreciate your cooperation!

Parking Lot Safety:
It is very important to know that our parking area by the front door (East Side of the school) is ONE WAY TRAFFIC ONLY. You need to enter from the alley side and exit at the other end. There is one row of angle parking available. The alley parking to the north of the school is for staff only.

Additional parent/visitor parking is available on the street (east and south side of the school). It is important to leave a clear entrance for the bus to pull up to the front door. This allows our children to load and unload the bus safely.

There is one designated disabled parking space in front of the school for those people with the proper tag. Please make sure to hold your children’s hands to and from your vehicle when dropping off and picking up. It has been noticed that some children have been darting across the parking lot by themselves and when cars are driving in or backing up it is very difficult to see the children. Ensuring your child’s safety is the number one priority at all times!!

Inclement Weather:
Please take note of the inclement weather brochure.
Schools will remain open in the event of inclement weather but school bus services may be suspended due to adverse road or weather conditions that jeopardize the safety of students.
Parents are not required to send their children to school if, in their judgment, weather conditions are detrimental to the safety or well-being of their children.
For further information refer to AP 132 and corresponding documents; Transportation Handbook and Inclement Weather Brochure or refer to the WRPS website.

We have several children who have immune-compromised systems and can become quite ill if exposed to viruses. Please make sure to keep your child home until he/she is feeling better and call the school to let them know they will be away. Children who have a fever, vomiting, or diarrhea should remain home for 24 hours after their last incident. If your child is coughing, has a runny nose or sore throat we ask that you use your judgment if he is/she is well enough to attend school. If your child is sick at school we will call you to come to pick them up. Please make sure we have an updated number for you or an emergency contact.
Phone: 780-352-0224 ext. 221

If your child, or anyone your child is in regular contact with, comes down with chickenpox, measles, mumps, or any other communicable illness, please contact the school before bringing your child to school.


1) If your child rides the bus and will be away, please call and inform the bus contractor before 7:30 a.m. (780-352- 2239)

2) If your child is going to be away from school, please call 780-352-0224 to report the absence. If you call after hours, you may leave a message in the general mailbox (ext. 221).

3) If someone other than a parent will be picking your child up, please inform the staff and tell the pick-up person that we will be asking to see photo identification (if it is the first time).

4) You can also use the agenda book to inform the teacher that your child will be away or if there are changes to the pick-up routine.

If your child is a bus student you must call the bus driver to let him/her know that your child will not be on the bus. Please inform them if you are dropping off or picking up your child from the school as well, or if there is a change in location.

You can also use the agenda book to inform the teacher that your child will be away or if there are changes to the pick-up routine.
Bus Phone: 780-352-2239
Please check our website or the School Division website for Bus routes & cancellations.

There is also a bus app for iPhone and Android click on links to download.