Classroom Teachers & Teacher Assistants

Certificated Teacher(s)

Our Certificated Teacher(s) have a background in Early Childhood Education and/or Special Education. The Teachers will:

  • Evaluate, establish and implement developmentally appropriate goals within the classroom (i.e. lesson planning, classroom activities, academic assessments)
  • Evaluate, establish and implement social and play-based goals appropriate for pre-school aged children
  • Oversee development of individual program plans to support individual student needs
  • Organize assessments from specialized consultants and implement adaptations
  • Ensure a safe and caring classroom environment for students, parents and staff

Celia Proctor/
Jackie Coyes
Phone: 780-352-0224 ext: 230

Kim Clarke
Phone: 780-352-0224 ext: 231

Chelsea Vandersluis
Phone:780-352-0224 ext: 237

Laura Lauther
Phone: 780-352-0224 ext:232

Jocelyn Urano
Phone 780- 352 0224

Teaching Assistants:

The Teaching Assistants within our program have strong backgrounds in Early Childhood Development and provide direct hands-on support to the children, utilizing different strategies to find success in reaching goals. They will:
Work closely with the teachers and specialized consultants to implement adaptations:

  • Work individually with children in the classroom or during small group activities
  • Support positive role modeling and social interactions between children
  • Assist with daily living and self-help skill building activities
  • Be involved with individual program plans, lesson adaptations, and classroom activities.