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Making Early Literacy a Family Affair

Literacy is a Family Affair 


A child’s literacy journey begins in the early years of life. 

Here are some helpful ideas to build a strong foundation in literacy for your young children. 


  • Babies need to reach, hold, and look at things in order to learn about them. 
  • Talk with your baby and preschooler all day long. 
  • Your child learns how language works by listening to language. 
  • Develop a daily routine of reading together. 
  • It’s okay if your preschooler can’t sit still for a book-they need to MOVE!
  • Keep reading short, simple, and fun. 
  • Point to what you’re talking about the pictures in a book or the clouds in the sky. 
  • Let your child play with their books - pick them up, flip them over, and turn the pages. 
  • Encourage play that involves naming, describing, and communicating. 
  • Let your child be in charge and allow and encourage their many questions. 
  • Play with your words - using rhyming words like moose, good, and caboose. 
  • Give everything a name - build up your child’s vocabulary by identifying the things you see. 
  • Tell your child how much you enjoy reading and read in front of them. 
  • Make sure they know that “storytime” is your favorite part of the day! 
  • Point out print everywhere - words are on signs and labels all around you.  
  • Encourage older children in your family to read with younger children and involve grandparents and other family members too. 
  • Visit the public library regularly and allow your child to look at and choose books that appeal to them.  

By implementing these simple ideas, you are helping to ensure that your child will have a successful literacy journey! 


Happy Reading!

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